HIGH QUALITY MACHINERY Allround Vegetable Proccesing Machines
are of high quality.
CUSTOM DESIGNED SOLUTIONS We provide custom solutions. We strive to make you
the first drawings in 2D and 3D Within two days after
receiving the inquiry.
COMPLETE SOLUTIONS We provide a solution for your vegetable processing.
Offering complete lines, single machines, storage solutions
and complete distribution centres


Allround Vegetable Processing B.V. is a company specialised in machines for washing and grading of vegetables and potatoes.

Processing lines

Allround Vegetable Processing B.V. is a company specialised in machines for washing & grading of vegetables and potatoes.

Storage Solutions

Allround Storage is a division that is providing storage equipment for potatoes , onion, carrots and other fruits and vegetables.

Allround Vegetable Processing

Allround offers a full product range for vegetables and potatoes. Consisting of loading and unloading machinery, grading solutions and processing machines.

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How our customers experience Allround

We are happy with the working of our new Allround machines, and also with the cooperation with Allround. They have delivered and installed first class machines for a very reasonable price.

Dirk-Jan Visser - Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

We are very satisfied about the working of the machine. Because we are growing potatoes on heavy black soil the product is not easy to wash. With the Allround washer our product is shipped to the factory clean and clear of soil.

Mccain - Russia

Allround Storage

Allround Storage offers a full range of storage solutions for vegetables, potatoes, fruits and seeds. Consisting of bulk, box en aspire storage solutions.

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